What is the Alpine 2021 IH

The Alpine IH is a compact induction heater designed to be used for your DynaVap. Take the guess work out of the perfect heat up. 

Shipping Starts January 2021

We are expecting to start the pre order for the Alpine 2021 Induction heater by January 10th - 15th. We expect to ship out by or before the end of January

Interested in Wholesale?

Would you like more information about our wholesale program? Click the link below to sign up. (If you already have a Source Distribution account, you can purchase from the wholesale portal)


Highlights of the new Alpine IH

  • Durable Aluminum Shell

    The Alpine feels sturdy and well built with its one piece aluminum body. 

  • Never Burn Your Load

    Built with an auto shut off feature that allows users to reach their desired temp with out burning.

  • 1000MAH Battery

    The 1000MaH battery, designed specifically for the Alpine 2021, is built to provide the power you want!

  • 1 Click Operation

    Designed for easy use, the one click operation of the Alpine 2021 IH makes it a breeze to operate.

Alpine 2020 In Action

Check out the Alpine 2020 In use with this quick 20 second demo

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